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    1. Meiduo Mould
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      Quality Control

      1.At Meiduo, QC starts from the very beginning of each project.

      2. We check each mould drawing based on certain Standard;

      3. Once the final drawings are approved by our customer, mould will be manufactured, moulded, tested and inspected with in-house Coordinate Measuring Machines. (CMM)

      Inspect steel material and standard components,
      Inspect electrodes (red-copper & graphite),
      Inspect core and cavity dimension,
      Inspect components before trial,
      Make trial report and Inspect samples

      4. After mould acceptance by our customer, we pack the mould carefully based on Meiduo Standard or as customer’s requirements.
      Meiduo Packing Procedure:

      5.Quality first and customer utmost, this drives us to pursue superior quality and meet customer requirements constantly.

      MAKINO High Speed Milling Machine DECKEL MAKO
      High Speed Milling Machine
      3D Measuring Machine


      Quality Control
      Quality Control
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