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      Design Capability

      Advanced CAD/CAE/CAM systems provide a powerful guarantee to our customers.

      Mould design at Meiduo begins with years of training and experince in the mould manufacture industry.When sample parts,drawings on paper,electronic CAD files or even hand sketches are received from the customers,all facets of producing this parts as strength,heattransfer,aesthetics,weight,finish,dimensional tolerance requirements,post machining and number of parts required are all looked at.Decisions based on all of these factors that apply are made after discussion and argeement with the customer.
      Meiduo dedicated mould design team is capable of utilizing very simple 2D drawings or complete CAD models.With the help of software like Pro-E,UG,Solidworks and Auto CAD we can provide our customer with thorough details in the design of their molds.Our mastercam is a complete CAM solution for 2-through 5 aixs milling.Data provided by our customer in the form of a 3D model can be used to create tool paths for any of our CNC machining centers in minutes and with great accuracy.In the design of the mold to produce the part, Meiduo is committed to ensure that the final product conforms to all customer requirements.

      Samples of our drawings:
      Auto Lamp Mould for Toyota
      Bumper Mould for Mazda
      Air Conditioner Mould for Haier
      Copier for Canon


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